Annual Recertification

CRFA members must recertify their membership annually.

You may download the following link to access the Annual Recertification form and Code of Ethics signature form. Please fax completed two-page form and signature page for Code of Ethics to 405.376.1455 or e-mail to Ethics Exam is found on the Graduate Login Page under the tab Resources.

The attached link will download the Annual Recertification Form for CRFA members.

This form may also be found on the link entitled CRFA Publications for Download.

CRFA Recertification Document

The CRFA Certification Board requires CRFA members maintain and enhance competency in financial principles and various practices associated with the distribution years of retirement in order to make ethical recommendations to people of all ages.

CRFA members are required to earn 15 hours of continuing education (CE) annually – 11 hours of retirement education and four (4) hours of ethics. The hours must be earned during the current reporting period. Upon request, five (5) hours may be carried forward to the next reporting period for programs that offer in excess of 11 hours of CE.

CRFA members have experience and or knowledge and understanding of four areas of specialty: Insurance, Securities, Tax Planning and Trusts and Estate Planning. CE is not limited to any one specialty.  CRFA members are encouraged to augment their specialty with a broad scope of information from all of the specialties in order to enhance their comprehensive level of competence.

CE may be earned by:

  • Live Presentations
  • Self-study programs
  • Completing Professional Licenses and Designation Examinations
  • Teaching

Courses that address retirement issues and are approved by the CRFA employer, state insurance license departments, FINRA and other certifications will be accepted.

Annual Renewal Update:

CE Required: 11 hours of retirement education and 4 hours of ethics.

Annual Renewal Rate:

$295-Charter Member
$345-Non-Charter Member

All renewals are due on the first day of the month of expiration and will be considered outstanding on the first day of the following month. The following fees will apply as of January 1, 2012:

$295/$345 on or before the final day of the month of expiration


30-90 days outstanding – $295/$345 plus $25 late fee

91-180 days outstanding – $295/$345 plus $45 late fee

181-365 days outstanding – $295/$345 plus $100 late fee

Renewals in excess of 365 days outstanding require the member retake the CRFA exam and pass the exam with a scaled score of 70 or greater.

Renewal incentive now available – CRFA renewal reminders are sent out at 90, 60 and 30-day intervals. If your renewal is completed as soon as you receive your 90-day notice, you will be awarded a 90-day extension on your new renewal date; i.e., you will receive 15 months instead of 12. If you receive your 60-day notice and renew immediately, you will be awarded a 60-day extension; i.e., you will receive 14 months instead of 12. If you renew immediately after receiving your 30-day notice, you will be awarded a 30-day extension; i.e., you will receive 13 months instead of 12.