Executive Positions 
Lynda McColl, CRFA, CPA — Executive Director
501 N. Mustang Road, Suite D1
Mustang, OK  73064
(405) 760-0243 (cell)

Linda Lee — CRFA Certification Coordinator
501 N. Mustang Road
Mustang, OK  73064
(405) 830-8025 (cell)


SCRFA Board Members
Joe Webb – President
Yuerg Eichmann – Vice-President
Chris Kline – Secretary
Kevin Swanson – Member-at-Large
Dale Cazes – Public Member

SCRFA Retirement Academy Education Board
Dr. Rafeek Mikhail – Chairman of Education Division
Lyle Boss –  Subject Matter Expert
Greg Weisheit – Subject Matter Expert
Jerome Chenevert – Contractor – On-line Instruction Designer

CRFA Board Members
Daniel Stidham – Chairman
Robert Hall – Subject Matter Expert
Paul Cochran – Subject Matter Expert
Roy Blume – Public Member
Irene Truong – Public Member

CRFA Disciplinary and Appeals Board
Jay Cox – Chairman
Kenny Kittrell – Subject Matter Expert
Tim Cooper- Subject Matter Expert

Society Of CRFA™
A training and credentialing organization preparing and qualifying financial advisors to advise, manage and consult with retirees on maximizing their financial opportunities, financial comfort and financial peace of mind.

Mission of the Society

CRFA Certificants are held to strict ethical standards. The disciplinary procedures of the CRFA Board have been devised to ensure a fair and reasonable process for a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor™ professional against whom allegations of Code of Ethics violations are brought.
To review our Disciplinary Rules and Procedures, click on this link:

Disciplinary Rules & Procedures

CRFA 2011 Annual Report 

CRFA 2011 Annual Report