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CRFA is an Elite Organization for Ethical Financial Advisors

Accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) a division of the Institute for Certifying Agencies (ICE)

Accreditation Certificate

CRFA is one of six accredited entities listed on the FINRA designation list.

For more information on how YOU can become a member of our Elite Society, click on the CRFA Certification tab.

A Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA) does not sell a financial service to the client and then just walk away.

A CRFA is an elite ethical accredited advisor who has successfully passed a comprehensive competency exam covering retirement issues.  Our advisors are educated in the following:

  • how to read tax returns
  • options available for reducing capital gains
  • have an understanding of securities statements and portfolios to help educate
    their clients as to their financial position
  • skills to educate their clients concerning insurance products used in retirement and estate planning
  • ability to educate clients concerning products available to fund grandchildren’s
    education and other miscellaneous retirement concerns.

CRFA Certification Exam details and pricing can be found by clicking here.

The Retirement Academy offers The Professional Retirement Manual for financial advisors that provides indepth education in many areas of retirement. The training program is one of the review tools that advisors use when preparing for the CRFA exam. Click on the SCRFA Retirement Academy tab for training programs and pricing.

CRFA – The Quarterback of Your Financial Team

Regardless of any other designations or licenses that your advisor may hold,    working with a CRFA gives consumers the ability to work with an ethical financial professional with the knowledge to advise clients on how to set goals that preserve and manage their financial assets during the golden years.

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